Business Idea For Investment In Energy Sector In Malaysia

Why will the idea of investment in Energy Sector in Malaysia work?

For foreign investors, Malaysia is very alluring. Malaysia has made a name for itself as a robust and bustling center for trade, manufacturing, culture and cultivation. All this is due to its perfect geographic location and propinquity to other such economies. All in all, the idea of investment in Energy Sector in Malaysia is a fruitful idea nonetheless.

Exploring the country to start the business

When you certain that you want to start your investment in Malaysia then you must be aware of everything you need to know in order to start, as in the advantages, the liabilities you should know what you are in for. There will be benefits as well as limitations. You will have to be very passionate about your idea as well. A business can only be successful if there is a passion for it because only with passion comes hard work. And there is no success with our hard work. Malaysia is naturally gifted with natural energy resources like oil and gas as well as the renewable ones such as hydro, biomass and solar energy. All this compromise of the energy sector that one can invest as a foreigner.

Which one to choose for investment in Energy Sector in Malaysia

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas sectors both, in the long run, will need a huge amount of investment and will give off an equal amount of profit. There is the need to find more and more reservoirs as the present reserves are dwindling. there are more and more competent procedure and products in downstream. The picture looks pretty promising.
New technologies in EOR will need to be deployed, while more efficient processes and products in the downstream are also in the pipeline. In the meantime, many are anxiously watching for the signs of a sustained rise in prices and demand.


Biomass is the gold of renewable energy, particularly in the countries are have ample agriculture. Hence making it a great sector for investment. The sector, in the long run, will require large-scale investment. And here the idea of investment in energy sector in Malaysia comes into play.

Solar energy

Malaysia has had almost 20% upsurge in energy generating size from 13,000MW in the year 2000 to 15,500MW in 2009. Malaysia is gifted with a copious amount of renewable foundations of energy, particularly solar Energy.
Other sectors to invest in and earn huge profits are hydropower and electricity generation.

Choosing the sector to invest

As an investor, you should know which sector you are most likely to succeed in. you can invest in something you know nothing about. To its wise to choose what you are experienced with and studied in. Even after that, you will need to do your fair share of diligence and research to start the business and take it to the soaring heights. Research about the demand and supply of the particular sector you are choosing, with the idea of investment in energy sector in Malaysia you can go wrong. As there is a huge demand for this. You can invest in haste you will need to know the skills, products and services can you offer, as to make your business stand out. Look at the larger picture here, do your research well and then proceed to the next step.

Understanding the challenges

For an outsider, Malaysia can be a big challenge, it can look very overwhelming too. Starting a venture isn’t an easy thing to do, to invest in the energy sector in Malaysia. Prior to starting, know the country well, the market, the government rules and regulations, the trade and commerce industry. All of this is very vital to start any investment in Malaysia.

Entity Options to start the investment in the Energy Sector in Malaysia

What are your options as a business entity? Examples include:

  • Private limited company (Sendirian Berhad (Sdn Bhd)
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership

The most common among these three is the Private limited company.

Understanding Local Laws and Policies before starting the investment in Energy sector in Malaysia

Every country has its own laws and regulations so does Malaysia. The Malaysian tax system works on the current year basis. No one is exempted from the taxation other than the businessmen who get their money from out of Malaysia. Other then they taxation system, you should, also, be aware of labor laws, local council, regulation and permits granted by the different government agencies. All this is the basic knowledge to start your own investment Malaysia.

  • The requirements to form an investment in the Energy sector in Malaysia are:
  • The lowest possible paid-up capital of RM1 only.
  • At least of one subscriber to the share or shares of the company.
  • At least of one director who is at the minimum age of 18 years and is a resident of Malaysia. He or she should not be bankrupt and should not have been a convict and to have been imprisoned in the past 5 years.

Business Idea For Investment In Energy Sector In MalaysiaYou will also need a registered office for the investment in the energy sector in Malaysia, so that all communications can be done and documents can be sent in that particular address.

Premises and location for office

Whenever you invest in a business, then you might want to choose the perfect place that is eye-catching, and also perfectly accessible to all the clients.

Financial and marketing plan

As a business that needs and aspires to success, the need for a well elaborated financial and marketing plan as necessary as oxygen to live.


To have an investment in the Energy sector in Malaysia is like striking gold. In the coming years, the projects of renewable energy are going to be huge and massively profitable. Clean energy investments are very promising, it is also a striking option to generate profitable returns over time.