Business Idea for Increasing Trend of Drone Cars in Malaysia

The Increasing Trend of Drone Cars in Malaysia Calls for More Business Ideas

Some trends can become huge and it will bring out a big economic shift. The UAVs already managed to make that happen in a short span of time. Large cities that suffer from heavy traffic have offered to cooperate with drone cars in Malaysia aviation and innovation.

Malaysia is one of the first to welcome and use passenger drones which has a lot of advantages. The increasing trend of drone cars in Malaysia will get you started on ideas but you 1st have further information about them.

Check Regulations

Before starting business in Malaysia that uses a drone, it is important to check the regulations in your area on using aerial vehicles. There are countries that already introduced the strict rules to limit using drones.

You should also enroll in an aeronautical training that is FAA-approved to receive a Remote Pilot Certificate. This is a pre-requisite for you to start a full-fledged car drone business. Look for a drone pilot school to get the right test preparation.

Business in Advertising

Using a drone will give you an exciting chance to offer something new to clients. Using drone cars in advertising is effective because machines are capable of producing creative solutions.

Drone cars with video screens or banners for advertising will increase exposure. This is especially if they are driven to a part of town that has a lot of people. Drone cars can also be used to shoot footages. They take marketing ideas to a different level.

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Offer Delivery Services

Amazon popularized product delivery using unmanned aerial drones. You can take this idea to a whole new level by using drone cars as delivery vehicles. This kind of drone delivery service will be popular in Malaysia. There is better traffic, it is safer, and a lot more economical. A drone car can deliver bigger packages to the house of the customer without any hassle.

Something Similar to Uber Elevate

Uber has partnered with NASA. They have passenger drones with vertical take-off and landing. They are aiming to be in operation by 2020 and are used by real estate firms. You can create something like this in Malaysia. Find designated place where they can land and take-off in populated areas.

If you are able to use the same business model and apply it to a taxi service, then you are above the rest. Most are still using the old ways.

Drone Inspection

Drones are useful when companies want to perform inspections. If you want to start this business, you should be a great pilot and you need to have more knowledge.

Business Idea for Increasing Trend of Drone Cars in Malaysia

The knowledge would depend on other kinds of inspection you want to offer.
Drones can be used in these fields:

  • Agriculture
  • Safety of oil pipeline and integrity
  • Forestry
  • Installation of solar panels and their effectiveness
  • Wind turbine
  • Monuments and archeological sites
  • Power line inspections

…etc. Drones can be used to cover a massive area within very little time. If an inspector with a vehicle did the inspection, they will consume more time to inspect the entire facility and still miss something. An aerial footage and photos show the big picture to help draw important conclusions.

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Maps and Surveys

Land surveyors start to use drones widely to get an accurate digital survey informations. By the use of base station as reference data and also GPS, drones with special equipment can take 3-dimensional information. They have 1 to 2 centimeters accuracy after it has been processed. These are cartographic and the surveys are helpful in a lot of industries like:

  • Archeology
  • Construction
  • Urban planning
  • Oil and gas, and mining
  • Monitoring of flood and pollution
  • Forestry management
  • Security Agency

Video coming from unmanned aerial drones is useful to check sensitive locations. You can be hired by a large aquaculture company to cover hundreds of acres to use the thermal imaging camera on your drone. You will be able to cover the grounds even at night.

This is because the company must have realized that it will be more expensive to employ you and use your aerial drone that can effectively cover a huge area with difficult terrain. This is in comparison to hiring 5 or 6 guards that need to man posts.

Underwater Inspection

Drones are not just limited to aerial services. Submersible drones have been available for a long time. This is something you can do by making it more affordable. Only large businesses and institutions could afford underwater drones. They are cheaper now and it is a price you can compete with.These are also responsive to smartphones that can go as deep as 100 meters.

Further, you can equip this drone with lighting so it can take great high-resolution images or videos. Underwater drones can also be used for under water assessments, aquaculture, search and recovery,  and marine research.

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All in all, these are the best ideas you can start with to be part of the increasing trend of drone cars in Malaysia because it can be overwhelming to think about. You can use any of them or create your own idea of it because uniqueness is sometimes better.