Business Idea For Green And Clean Energy In Malaysia

Initial steps for setting up the business of Green and Clean Energy in Malaysia

Setting up a new business demands a lot of motivation, inspiration and guideline. We are here to facilitate you with all the right stuff to initiate a business of Green / Clean Energy in Malaysia. All you have to do is a careful reading of this informative article, extract all the right material for you, and use it effectively in your business.

Before starting a business of Green and Clean Energy ask some questions to yourself. Your first question should be why you are choosing this business? Why you are not choosing any other business? Do you have any experience of this business? Have you ever dealt with green and clean energy before? How much enthusiastic you are to start this business?


If you have the right experience, you are enthusiastic and have willpower for this business then you should definitely adopt this business otherwise review your decision once again! This business definitely can be one of the biggest hit of your life if you are willing to do it with your strong will power. You can recognize its importance from the fact that all the other non-renewable sources will run out one day but green/clean energy will never.
There are so many different types of green energy. In starting you should choose one of them and work on it effectively. You can choose from hydro energy, thermal energy, wind energy, solar energy, biomass energy etc.

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Business Idea For Green And Clean Energy In Malaysia

For being in this business, it is not necessary for you to go for big investments like setting up windmills or owning a water storage dam. You should start from a beginner level to gain some experience. First of all look in your surroundings and find out other people already working in this field. Get into their business and work as an employee. Observe them, demonstrate your own plans and then implement them.

Select a suitable place for your business. You will select place according to the field that you are choosing. For instance, if you are choosing solar energy to deal with then you will require a lot of places to set up solar panels. On the other hand, if you are going to choose wind energy then you should select a place near to the sea so that you could utilize wind energy effectively.

Naming and registration

Every business has a good, appropriate and catchy name. So you should also choose on for your business. The name should be acceptable by the local community of Malaysia as well. Now apply for registration of your business name and pay the due fee.
Once the name is allotted to you, you should also file a registration case for your business place as well. Get a proper license to start the business of green / clean energy in Malaysia. If you will go through the legal registration process, this will build up trust and your business will be able to earn a good reputation within a short span of time.


In this business, you will have to buy some expensive equipment as well. Like if you are going to utilize solar energy then you must have to buy solar panels or solar cells. To keep these all expensive equipment and business in safe hands you should avail insurance policy. Go and explore which insurance policies are available in your state right now. Choose the most suitable option for yourself.

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If you are starting your own green/clean energy business in Malaysia then you should also have some financial backup. In this business, you have to do a little investment as well. A good investment yields a good amount of money. So if you have a reasonable financial backup then you can proceed further.

Creative team

This is a huge industry and no one can proceed alone. You are definitely a very creative soul but you should hire some other persons as well. The more people will you hire as your employee, the more creative will your company become. Make sure to find out vigilant and hard working people for your business.

Another big step towards success while doing a business of green/clean energy in Malaysia is an incredible advertisement. Advertise your business a lot with the help of the internet, electronic media, print media, social media etc. You should design fascinating pamphlets, attractive billboards and broachers. You should also do advertisement through TVCs and audio commercials.

Fee structure

Now come to the utilization of energy generated by your company. Suppose that your company is working on solar energy and generating electricity. Now you have to calculate some rates for selling the electricity generated at your power plant. To attract more and more people you should start at the cheapest possible rate. Normally in every state government facilitates people with electricity. So you have to provide this facility at lower rates. People will be convinced easily if your rates will be lower as compared to the government rates. Gradually, after winning people’s hearts with your efforts and matchless work you can increase your rates to a bit higher level.

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The most significant thing is that you have to protect the environment rather ruin it while running your business of green/clean energy in Malaysia. So make sure to devise a suitable plan for the disposal of waste products. If you are taking a benefit from this environment then you should give something in return as well.

After reading the above-given article, you are all set to brighten up your future by initiating your own business. Just focus on your goal and work really hard to earn successes within a short span. Still if any stage of your business, you find any difficulty or hurdle feel free to contact us. We are here to facilitate you with our creative and exclusive ideas.