Business Idea - Buy and Sell Domain Names in Malaysia

Buy and Sell Domain Names in Malaysia, and Earn Profits You Dream Off

To Buy and sell domain names in Malaysia is an excellent business to start with. Not only in Malaysia, but this business has gained the fame in the whole wide world. Buying and selling domain names will gain you profits, which might be something new for you to hear. The domain names market is huge, and you need to do your homework to jump into the market.

Here are some of the ideas which you should know before buying and selling domain names in Malaysia.


There are endless domain names which exist in the market and there are thousands of combinations of names, which are in the process of registration like etc. If you are new entrant in this market, then you should focus on the subjects you are very good at. If you are very good at travelling, then do not plan on to buy domain names for pets. Search your own skills and deal in the same department. This way, you will have more knowledge about the trendy domain names. First understand your target audience, and then proceed further.

Real value names

Think very wisely about the domain names you are going to buy. First of all, think of it from your own perspective. Do ask yourself questions as why this domain name appealed you at the first place? Why would it attract the audience? How is it beneficial for them? Be very honest in your job, your own answers will refine your search for selection of the domain names.

Valuable niche

Now when you know which niche you are good at and which names you should buy. You should search the names in search engine that weather the similar names exist or not. If the names you thought are already occupied, then you should probably ask for buying them. Sometimes, the owners do not use the names and keep them for selling it to potential clients.

Try to find the best domains in this aftermarket and focus on your niche while searching. To get most out of the top filters, always use .com, .org, .club,.net, etc. in your search to dig out domain names with it.

Business Idea - Buy and Sell Domain Names in Malaysia

Price evaluation

Once you have selected the domain name, you have to search for the price; if it’s fair or not. You can search for keywords and their prices to check how the domain with similar names got sold and in how much. Always price your domain like a boss, there is no need to sell it for less price, if you think it can earn you more.

Sell the domain

There are many places where you can list your domain name. Always chose the trusted and well known platforms to sell your domains. Pick a government registered place to sell your domain names to have the confidence that buying bodies will also pay for it.

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