Best Ways to Conduct a Business of Landscaping in Malaysia

How Can You Run Your Business of Landscaping in Malaysia Successfully?

You have always loved working outdoors. Gardening, pruning unruly hedges and remove weeds are your favourite pastime activities. You have a green thumb and know how to work with different plants and flowers. You like to place flower pots in strategic places or mow the lawn or even make sculptures out of bushes. If any of these sounds familiar, you could start a business of Landscaping in Malaysia.

Landscaping is gaining great popularity these days. People expect their garden to look flawless, however small it might be. A perfect garden not only gives the owner a sense of harmony but is also useful to create a favourable first impression on people visiting your home.

Landscaping is not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs patience and an imaginative eye. That’s why most people outsource landscaping to professionals.

You must have the ability to transform an outdoor space into an aesthetically pleasing garden. Working outdoors in the scorching sun is a basic requirement. You must be ready to work hard and tirelessly to achieve what result your client wants.

If you are up to all this, landscaping might be a great opportunity for you to grow.

Here’s how you can successfully start and run a business of landscaping in Malaysia.

Register Your Business

Create a strong business plan and register your business legally. Your primary concern while making a business plan will be financing for starting and growing the business and paying taxes. If you are not sure about either, you could take the services of an accountant. You could consider registering your company as an LLC. Registering your business brings you more credibility than an unregistered business. An LLC registration will limit your losses, too. You could also avail of loans and financing easily if your business is registered.

Make a Rate Card

List out all your skills and assign a rate to each of those. A rate card is very useful when potential customers are looking for options for hiring a landscaping professional. Rates vary according to your skill, speed, and experience. You can also include equipment costs, employee pay and material costs.

Obtain a License

In order to start working as a landscaper, you need a proper working license. There are various other licenses for regulations on:

  • Fertilizers and pesticides – They are toxic, and can contaminate water bodies and soil with improper use.
  • Waste disposal – Landscaping is a messy job, with lots of waste like dead leaves, dirt, grass cuttings, branches, etc. You must have correct knowledge of disposing of these properly.
  • Irrigation – If your area is particularly affected by water shortage, you might have to obtain a license for work related to irrigation.

Know Tax Details

You will have to pay taxes for your business of Landscaping in Malaysia. So you will need a Tax Identification Number (TIN) to submit at the income tax department. Each jurisdiction has different rules of accruing taxes, so be knowledgeable about the tax structure in your region.

Purchase Equipment

Possessing quality equipment is a vital part of being in the landscaping business. If you do not have enough funds to purchase all the equipment at once, you could buy them in stages. Alternatively, you could buy them off a second-hand store dealer. Whatever option you choose, ensure that the tools are of good quality and are durable. The basic set of equipment you will need while starting out is:

  • Lawnmower.
  • Gardening tools, like a shovel, rake, etc.
  • Safety equipment, like helmet, goggles, gloves, rubber boots, etc.
  • Other equipment related to gardening, like a watering-can, hosepipe, extension cords for electric power tools, rope, etc.
  • A vehicle to transport you and your equipment from one place to another

Best Ways to Conduct a Business of Landscaping in Malaysia

Market Your Business

After you have set up the basics, you have to conduct research on the surrounding area and start marketing. You could choose homes with gardens and talk to their owners. You could also distribute pamphlets with your contact details in an area that predominantly has homes with gardens spaces. Once you land your first few jobs, your reputation will grow by word of mouth. However, you have to keep in touch with your clients regularly and ask for updates on the condition of their garden.

Build a Portfolio

Once work starts pouring in, you can click before-after photos and make a portfolio with your work. Adding client reviews and testimonials are always a good way to attract future customers.

As in every business, the beginning is the toughest part. Once you start, with the right marketing and hard work, your business of Landscaping in Malaysia can earn you great profits very soon.