Accurate Business Ideas for an Accounting Firm in Malaysia

Start an Accounting Firm in Malaysia and Find Your Place in their Economy

Majority of entrepreneurs who own a small business in Malaysia are either foreigners, expats or citizens. It does not take long for them to think about having a business in this country’s commercial environment. An accounting firm in Malaysia also part of the entrepreneurs think to start a business.

Malaysia is a center of manufacturing, trade, culture and cultivation because of its location. You will find a lot clients here if you have an accounting firm in Malaysia. Before you get started, there are great ideas you need to know.

Study the Country First

You can spend a little time getting to know Malaysia and its people before beginning to research about what businesses might work here. Do not just jump into anything without seeing the whole picture first. Travel around the country and get a feel of it.  Build your network and make friends. Get familiar with the country, cultures, foods, laws, and policies. You should also get into the trends. This will show how to win clients. Since there are a lot of business owners in the country, an accounting firm is excellent.

Business Ideas


Bookkeeping is lucrative in the accounting field because businesses need it. Small and large businesses have to maintain current bookkeeping records. However, a lot of software packages are available can manage bookkeeping tasks. Being a bookkeeper requires you to be educated and experienced. If you are an accountant, both requirements should be fulfilled.

Tax Preparation

Companies and individuals do not like tax season. You can make life a bit easier for these organizations and people while you earn a good profit. Professionals in tax preparation are in demand. Almost every person and business need to file a tax return. This market is definitely nice to tap because you will find a lot of clients.

Sell a Software for Accounting

Some people want to spend less for their accounting needs and choose not to hire a bookkeeper or accountant. If you want to earn money by taking advantage of this, you can begin selling software packages for business owners to help them handle tasks related to bookkeeping and accounting.

Risk Management Consultant

A lot of businesses fail since they could not account the business risks they have and they never had a good risk-management plan. By having a good risk management plan, a business is able to mitigate risks they might encounter during the 1st stage. This has created a demand for consultants of risk management who are aware of their craft.

Financial Advisor

If you are able to provide financial assistance and accounting services, deciding to become a financial advisor might be the wisest decision you will ever make. There are a lot of people and companies that need the services of a financial advisor.

Accurate Business Ideas for an Accounting Firm in Malaysia

They require advise on how to pay off their debts, to how they should save for their retirement years and a lot more. You will be surprised by how many individuals and companies need financial assistance because for sure they want to keep their finances in check.


Spending years studying to be an accountant gives you enough knowledge to teach the course. By doing this, you can make money from tutoring the students who are taking up accounting which you can do part-time. In case your knowledge and teaching skills are very good, you are going to attract a lot of students. Being an accountant means you are knowledgeable about handling finances.

Budget Consultant

It is a big task to prepare a budget for a specific project for a lot of organizations and people. If you fund allocation is one of your strong points, you can work for individuals and firms by becoming their budget consultant. By doing this, you will be able to make the task lighter for them and they will pay you for that. Let’s just say you are giving them a peace of mind and it is very important to them so they pay you for it. Budgeting is very crucial especially for projects that people plan to have in the future. They need to think about every expense that will arise so they can prepare for it.

Freelance Writing

If you are a specialist in the accounting field, offering your services as a freelance writing is another thing your firm can focus on. This means you will write articles about accounting and businesses, financial statement development, business plans, and more. You can connect with clients by making an advertisement about your services to attract businesses around your area and beyond that. This is another way to share knowledge to those who have no idea about accounting and how it can make their life better.

Credit Repair

This kind of business does not require a huge capital and it has the potential to make great profit. The responsibilities involving this business are identifying errors found in credit reports and the dispute of wrong information so that organizations can improve their credit ratings. The kind of service this one offers are tackled on behalf of the clients who are experiencing problems with their credits. You will be able to help a lot of people by giving credit repair assistance.

When you have an accounting firm in Malaysia, it means you are going to attract individuals and business owners that are looking for improve their financial standing.