Best Company Registration Specialist Malaysia 2017/2018

2017/2018 Malaysia Brands Awards Winner: Best Company Registration Specialist of the Year in Malaysia – 3E Accounting Malaysia

Best Company Registration Specialist Malaysia 2017/2018

The Malaysia Brands announced the winners of the 2017/2018 Malaysia Brands Awards earlier this week and 3E Accounting Malaysia (“3E Accounting”) was named the Best Company Registration Specialist of the Year for having innovative ways to engage clients and continue its reputation as the top performing one-stop solution provider.

Unlike many other awards, the winners of the 2017/2018 Malaysia Brands Awards were selected through the survey of the public. The public could choose whomever or whatever it liked. They let the public decide who goes home a winner. The award has portrayed 3E Accounting reputation and achievement as the leading Company Registration Specialist in Malaysia.

A notable finding of the survey is that 3E Accounting’s performance is remarkably stable and excellent.  Incorporated in Malaysia, 3E Accounting is the top performer in the field of company incorporation due to the following reasons:

  1. Professional Team

3E Accounting

The large pool of professionals in 3E Accounting is one of the notable reasons that 3E Accounting outperforms its peers. The right mix and number of accredited and experienced professionals in the team like qualified accountant registered with MIA, qualified secretary registered with MAICSA, qualified tax agent registered with CTIM and qualified GST agent registered with Custom as well as qualified HR personnel registered with MIHRM.

  1. Competitive Priced Service

3E Accounting understands that effective pricing is essential for a business. They know at what price they should offer a service while maintaining the professional service. 3E demonstrate the lowest so far, their Company setup fee is RM1,060 include GST.

  1. Good Relationship with Banker

Strong banking relationships are the lifeblood of any business, and 3E Accounting proves it by maintaining a good relationship with its banking counterpart – OCBC Bank. 3E Accounting has been recognized as an OCBC Platinum Partner in 2017.

  1. Reputable and Trustworthy

Many agreed that the greatest assets of knowledge-based companies such as professional services firms in the consulting and financial sectors are their good reputation. Rome was not built in a day. 3E Accounting work actively to build their good reputation, to build the ‘bank of goodwill’ towards them. They are listed on Wikipedia and you can easily find the positive testimonials about their good service on Google, Facebook and much, much more. What’s more, their responsive service and prompt reply within 24 hours have earned them the reputation as a trusted service provider in town.

  1. Expat-friendly

Malaysia is rising as one of the popular destinations of foreign investment. Many foreigners, or expats, are attracted by the vibrant business environment in Malaysia and many opt to base in this country. 3E Accounting understands the hassles and challenges when starting a company abroad. 3E Accounting is among the few companies that are well aware of the needs of foreign investors in Malaysia and they are ready to assist foreign investors to wade through the various challenges that are associated with starting and running a business in Malaysia.

  1. Resourceful Website

Their resourceful website is another aspect that made them the award-winning team. In fact, they topped the list as No.1 Online Company Registration Website in Malaysia, according to the online rankings by in July 2017.

A hearty congratulation to 3E Accounting Malaysia on behalf of Malaysia Brands for reaching their goal and be awarded as the “Best Company Registration Specialist of the Year in Malaysia”. The “Best Company Registration Specialist of the Year in Malaysia” is a note taken by the society of their earnest efforts for the betterment of the society and getting this award this year is the honour of this honour in a true sense.

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